How is Adrogue neighborhood in Almirante Brown? 

You will absolutely like Adrogue neighborhood if you enjoy to walk and look at houses (some of which are very old and beautiful), sit a coffee houses (plenty to choose from and very Argentine typical with tango nostaligic) and observe people.
Unfortunately I was not able to seek an apartment available. I usually recommend a couple from friends of mine but they are not available for those days.

I will be more than happy to take a look at your choices if you want me, so I can guide you in their location, etc. I recommend that when looking for a place to stay while you visit Buenos Aires, you look at places that are located closed to a town center so you can just walk to restaurants and coffee houses. 

Adrogue  has a lot of choices when it comes to shopping, from special boutiques, leather shops, gourmet restaurants, typical Argentine coffee houses and much more!

Let me know if you think I can help you further, I am always here to help.
We look forward meeting you!

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