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Six-day cooking class     Latin American Cuisine

In addition to our three-day cooking classes, below see the remaining recipes for the six-day cooking classes.

The classes can be taken either in the morning or in the afternoon Monday through Saturday. The morning class starts at 10:00 am – the afternoon class starts at 4:00 pm. Choose to take a class per day or combined two in one day and the third one the next day. If taking two classes in one day, it will start at 10 am and end at 2 pm followed by lunch. We are open to fit your schedule depending on availability. Each class lasts approximately 3 hours (including the time for lunch or diner) and is followed by either lunch or dinner based on the lesson's subject.
Price: u$s 260 per person includes all fresh and finest local ingredients. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Eat what you just created accompanied by the appropriate wine

Class 4:  Cooking class, Bolivia

Picante de Pollo
The cuisine of Bolivia is suited to the high, cold climate in the altiplano: lots of peppers, aji, and food served picante (spicy hot).
Picante de Pollo is chicken in a (special) spicy sauce and there are many variations of this traditional Bolivian dish. In the class we will cover a special technique for cooking the Picante de Pollo keeping the authenticity of this ancient cooking tradition and we will explore and compare the different spices and vegetables involved.

Croquetas (Croquettes) are originally from Spain served as tapas and have been adopted in many regions in south America. We will learn how to prepare different kinds of croquetas in the class.
Croquettes are small and rounded, lightly breaded and fried until light tan and crispy. They are similar to a fritter. A paste made from flour and olive oil is prepared in a pan combined with other ingredients such as small bits of meat, chicken or vegetables are added, stirring the ingredients together forming a paste.

Pairing wine
We will pair the dishes from Bolivia with a Torrontes wine as its unique taste of citrus and aromatic floral scent is an ideal complement to poultry. We will try a Torrontes wine from Argentina. Argentina is one of the few countries that produce this type of wine.  

Class 5: Cooking class, Uruguay

Bifes a la criolla
The translation for Bifes a la Criolla could be Uruguayan Beef Creole. This is a very popular dish from Uruguay and Argentina prepared with nalga (rump steak), bife de lomo (sirloin steak) o cuadrada (flat meat) and different condiments. Learn the names of cuts and slicing techniques together with tips for choosing tender and quality fresh meat in your local butcher store. Bifes a la Criolla has a distinctive flavor due to the combination of the bife with the sauce in which it is prepared. We will use nalga to prepare this dish.

The fertile regions of Uruguay provides for some of the tastiest grass-fed cows in the world that is why milanesas is a favorite dish of people in the region. We will learn how to prepare thin or thick milanesas using regional techniques. Two version will be covered, fried and backed for a less fatty alternative.

Pairing wine
A Malbec wine from Mendoza with taste of cherries, plums, blackberries and raspberries, and marked by a peppery spice, licorice and ample tannins. They have bright acidity, ideal to cut through the richness of red meat. Argentine Malbecs are rarely super-alcoholic, thus enhancing their food-friendly character.

Class 6: Cooking class, Chile

Niños envueltos
Marinaded thinly sliced beef mixed with rice and different spices. The secret is preparing the cabbage leaves tender and resistant enough to hold the stuffing  while adjusting to the right temperature is the key to prepare Ninos Envueltos. Then all is slowly cooked in a special tomatoe sauce.

We will learn the original recipe of this Chilean Mapuche potato bread called milcao

Pisco Sour

Pisco is a liquor distilled from grapes (a brandy) made in wine-producing regions of Chile. It is the most widely consumed spirit in Chile. We will be shaking Pisco Sours to pair with the Ninos Envueltos

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Note: For your convenience we offer transportation services for u$s 15 each way. Our driver can pick you up and bring you to our place. If you are coming on your own, please read under “Location” for our address and directions to our place. A deposit of 10% is requested for the three and six day classes using paypal.

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