Colonia, Uruguay

Visit the historic quarter just across the river

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Colonia del Sacramento, which belongs to Uruguay's province of Colonia, was the only Portuguese settlement along the Rio de la Plata. Too see are the Portuguese architectural style houses and cobblestoned streets. The historic portion of Colonia is a unique place in south America because of its winding streets and colorful houses which are a delight to explore. The Barrío Historico (historic quarter), was named a UNESCO heritage site.

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Colonia del Sacramento is just across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires. There are mainly two options to get there, one by a quick ferry of about 45 minutes or a 3 hours one. We recommend you take the one that is quicker so you make sure to be able to spend more time in Colonia. You can visit Colonia and enjoy it to the fullest in just one day. Leaving in the morning will allow you to walk the entire town, have a wonderful lunch and then head back before nightime. Enjoy the excellent restaurants, art and craft shops, museums and a large yacht harbor that this unique place has to offer.


How to get to Colonia, Uruguay 

cross Teresita will be happy to give you directions, book the ferry tickets for you, and give you all the details you need so you can enjoy a wonderful day trip to Colonia, Uruguay. It is fairly easy to get to Colonia, you need to go to the ferries in central Buenos Aires and then a ferry leaves the port three times a day. But not to worry, Teresita will have everything ready for you should you want to take this day trip. 

Of course that if you want to be taken to the ferry, Buddha will be happy to take you. Let us know and we will plan everything for you. We cater to our guests specially because we want you to leave Teresita B&B with a smile on your face.  

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