Argentine BBQ Class!

Conventional parrillada (Argentine barbecue) class

There is so much to learn at Teresita’s Argentine BBQ (parrilada) class. If you wish to learn or get a firsthand knowledge of grilling different cuts of meat in Argentina and *acuras that add up to the Argentinian *asado(barbecue).

Visit the local butcher’s shop

The class commences visiting (transportation included) the local butcher’s shop for a complete lesson on selecting the precise meat based on its properties viz., color, size, fat density, and freshness. You will be amazed to see *achuras you have hardly seen before!

Back to the kitchen at Teresita’s

We return back to Teresita’s kitchen for cooking classic dishes that complement the parrillada. Ensalada Criolla (Creole Salad) are considered one of the best serving side dishes savored on different occasions in Argentina for an assort of meats. You will also get a lesson on preparing chimichurri (Argentine parsley-garlic sauce for grilled meats).

Moving onto practical work on the grill

You will get practical lessons on a range of meats from “el asador” which will be presented by Asador (the cook other than Teresita will be handling the grill). You will be acquainted with preparing and lighting the fire, how to season the meat, timings, and servings all in an “Argentine way”.

After your patience when barbecue sizzled, you can now enjoy it! It is time to taste. Sit around the table and savor Malbec wine at your pace … Buen provecho!

Pairing wines

Malbec wine from Mendoza is considered the premier wine from Argentina with an essence of cherries, plums, blackberries, and raspberries, and marked by a peppery spice, licorice, and ample tannins. They have vivid acidity and are perfect for cutting through the sumptuousness of red meat. Argentine Malbecs are hardly ever super-alcoholic, hence enhancing their food-friendly quality.
Torrontés will also be served. Torrontés is Argentina’s best white variety creating a fresh, fruity and elegant white wine and Malbec steals the show with its deep, ripe, juicy flavors ideal for red meat and chocolate dishes.

Price: Please see for Teresita’s Cooking Class website. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Eat what you just grilled accompanied by Malbec and Torrontés wines from Argentina.

The class is conducted outdoors. If on the day you are attending is raining, the class is conducted in Teresita’s kitchen.